Welcome to The Yakpacker! I created this site to share travel tips, photos, and stories — and to solicit travel advice from others! It’s not meant to be an exhaustive travel guide on every destination listed, but just to highlight a few top recommendations on places to see (or avoid) while travelling abroad, based on my experiences. I hope it will also help inspire travel to some lesser-known destinations! I’ll keep updating the “Countries” tab as my schedule allows, while also posting shorter, more frequent hits on recent travels.

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Belgium Tour – ongoing until 2021!

I’m currently posted to Brussels, Belgium and will live here until 2021. As a result, many short get-away posts will be in this part of Europe. Stay tuned for hidden gems and recommendations!

Northern Italy!

We recently took a trip to northern Italy and had a blast! This has prompted me to work on the rest of the Italy section of this page– which will be coming soon. In the meantime, check out the Northern Italy post here.

About Me

The last thing the world needs is another person blogging about their travels, so here is one more!

At last count, I’ve visited 114 countries and too many cities to log.  Apart from posting a few random photos here and there, I never gave much thought to blogging about my travels until recently.  It seems like a great way to document each trip and share insights with others.  I promise not to post any beach-feet selfies or business class lounge photos.

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Vatican – Holy See

The Vatican is the smallest independent state in the world but takes on global significance as being the home to the Papacy and the center of Catholicism. It is an…

San Marino

San Marino is a beautiful microstate tucked in the mountains of eastern Italy, overlooking the Adriatic Sea. I visited here in 2011 and was glad to have made the excursion…

Central and Southern Italy

Central and Southern Italy are home to some of the world’s most famous touristic attractions, breathtaking scenery, and outstanding food and wine! There’s no shortage of places to blog about,…

Northern Italy

Northern Italy is truly a spectacular region, with rich culture, extensive history, outstanding food, and rugged nature. Not only does the feeling change as you go from west to east–…


About two weeks ago we took a trip to Switzerland– and I must say — it is rapidly joining the ranks of my all-time favorite countries! Considering everything Switzerland is…

Belgium: North

Antwerp Antwerp: A real gem of a city, and not just because of the diamond trade. (I feel like a phrase that corny has got to be in a guide…